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Settember 11, 2021 edition

Our first event after the pandemic emergency.

What's new? Not much.


If you already know the market, you will not find any real difference. Our event has always been free and oriented towards meeting and exchange, with the aim of having fun, learning things and meeting new people. Below we explain the small organizational differences introduced this year.

Why do I have to register for the event?

Because the market is a private event and not a market or a show open to the public. Furthermore, knowing the number of guests expected and present at the event allows us to better plan the safety aspects.


Why is the Green Pass required even if we are outdoors?

From 6 August 2021, the green pass is required for access to events, festivals, fairs, conferences and congresses, without distinction between outdoors and indoors. Further regulatory clarifications specified that "The obligation to possess a COVID-19 green certification does not apply, however, in the event that the events take place in outdoor places without specific and univocal access gates, such as in squares, streets or public parks, which can also be accessed by individuals for purposes other than to attend the event which is therefore not intended for a predefined public and contained in spaces dedicated exclusively to the event itself. " again excluding our event from the types currently exempt from green certification.  [ Government FAQ ]

What alternatives are there to the Green Pass?

As the legislation states, "Certification must certify that you have had at least one dose of vaccine or have tested negative for a molecular or rapid swab in the previous 48 hours or have been cured of COVID-19 in the previous six months. The COVID Green Certification- 19 applies to all activities and services authorized based on the risk level of the area. [...] The COVID-19 green certification is not required for children excluded by age from the vaccination campaign and for subjects exempt on the basis of appropriate certification A dedicated digital Certification will be created for these individuals. Until this is available, those issued in paper format can be used. " [Government FAQ]

If I register and then decide not to come?

No problem, an email is welcome to help us plan the event.

Announcements  on the BAR - special exhibitors

The Cafetteria of the campsite will offer the usual service, and will serve the guests under the porch.

The Caffetteria staff of the has decided to introduce a new service for exhibitors: a dedicated cash desk and a "desk by desk" service to help those who participate alone and find it difficult to move away from their place.

Friday night dinner

The Caffetteria staff organizes the usual fixed menu dinner for guests who reach the campsite the night before. To book, contact the campsite Caffetteria.

Qucik Covid Test on site

Paramedic staff will be available on site from 7:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs to perform quick Covid testing to non EU Green Pass holders. Cost of service is 15 Euro, receipt sent via email. 


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